Frøya Salmon - top quality salmon

Packed in less Than two Hours

The best Salmon is hand-picked and only the finest filets find their way to the counter. Two hours is all it takes from living salmon to filleted and expertly packed Frøya ready for rapid cooling. That guarantees the fresh taste of perfection.

Mid loin or back loin?

Every Frøya Salmonfilet is of Sushi quality and can be enjoyed raw. The Sushi lovers first choice, however is the exquisite back loin offering perfect slices from the whole loin – no waste. The Mid loin is slightly fattier and juicier, giving that little extra to the already great taste when using the oven, frying or grilling.

From Frøya on the Norwegian West Coast

It is no secret that environment impacts the quality of all natural produce. The marine environment surrounding the island of Frøya is perfect for cold water seafood. With tides and strong currents bringing clean and nutritious seawater securing optimal conditions for the salmon. Watch video from Frøya..

Frøya Salmon helps you succeed in the kitchen

Frøya Salmon combines top quality with ease of use and a safe eating experience. Only the very best part of the salmon becomes Frøya and you can eat it straight from the pack or gently cook it as you like. We cut the fish to ensure as equal a thickness on the whole fillet as possible. That makes it a lot easier for you to succeed whether you wish to cut regular sashimi slices or achieve the perfect cooking result. Pure joy and no waste.


Frøya is produced from fresh Norwegian salmon farmed and processed by our Norwegian sister company Salmar AS.Salmon farming in Norway is mainly regulated by the Aquaculture Laws as well as a number of other laws, rules and regulations. Frøya obviously strives towards sustainability within all three dimensions of the concept; economic social, and environmental issues. First and foremost, however, we must abide by current rules and regulations. Read more.

Frøya back loin

Lean top quality preferred for raw eating or light cooking

  • Ultra fresh (pre-rigor) sushi & sashimi salmon, deep skinned with no brown muscle
  • Perfect also for light marinating as raw ingredient in salads, salmon carpaccio etc.
  • Also good for light cooking e.g.; tataki, Abumi, sous-vide
Frøya back loin

Frøya mid loin

Slightly fattier cut preferred for light cooking or raw eating

  • This is ultra fresh (pre-rigor) salmon; deep skinned with 2-3 cm brown muscle remaining.
  • Perfect for cooking “au point” in the pan, oven or on the BBQ alternatively as sous-vide
  • Excellent ingredient for tartare, or salads
  • Cut away brown muscle and use it for sushi and sashimi. Brown muscle can be used in maki rolls.

More facts about Frøya salmon:

Frequently asked questions and answers about Frøya salmon

Here you will find more facts about Frøya Laks.

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It is safe to enjoy raw Frøya also when pregnant

Frøya is produced from farmed Norwegian salmon under very strict hygiene conditions and can therefore be eaten raw without problems.

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